2017FALL罗切斯特大学会计硕士(Rochester MSA)面经

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毕达留学是国内唯一一家专做研究生学位申请的留学咨询机构,公司整体服务实力位居全国前三;据第三方 统计,2011年到2015年,以照片及视频为毕达留学公开代言的客户数量,连续五年居于首位。查看更多

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1.Go through your interview

2.Talk about an internship that you contribute most to your project

3.Career goal and why big four

4.Your strength for you to work in big four

5.Why not MSF

6.Oversea experience

7. why simon

8. challenges when study in Simon and how to handle

Typing: Tell me about a time where you made a mistake. How did you handle it?
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